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Tamil Blu Ray Video Songs 1080p Hd 5.1 [Updated]




Hinduism is a religion practiced mainly in India and Nepal. It is one of the world's oldest religions and among the largest religion by number of adherents. It embraces a diverse range of philosophies and practices, which encompass the beliefs, rituals and secular duties of its adherents. Hinduism originated between the 9th and 5th century BCE.[citation needed] Hinduism recognizes numerous sacred texts, called the Vedas, dating back to before the Iron Age. The Vedas and their scriptures regulate a wide variety of practices and rituals. Hinduism is a religion based on the belief in many deities, including but not limited to the concept of Brahma, the creator god, Vishnu the preserver god, Shiva the destroyer god, and Shakti the goddess of power. The main doctrines or concepts include Samsara or cosmic cycle of birth, death and rebirth, karma or cause and effect, dharma or duty, moksha or liberation, and the ultimate goal of human life known as mukti or liberation.[1] Hindus view the Universe as being composed of a dynamic and ongoing interaction between the three fundamental and eternal principles of being, existence, and consciousness. Major Indic religions[edit] Hinduism[edit] Hinduism is one of the world's oldest religions and is the religion of India and Nepal. The term Hinduism has been used in many contexts by many cultures to refer to the religion of the Hindus, but Hinduism itself refers to the religion followed by the people historically referred to as Hindus. The origins of Hinduism are unknown. It is one of the world's largest religions and by number of adherents it is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity.[2] The term Hinduism was first used by 7th-century Indian scholars known as the Hindu Samhitas. The Sanskrit word dharmah śāstra means "the science of duty".[3] The Vedas, the oldest Hindu text, are considered its scriptures.[4] The Vedas contain the teachings of the founder of Hinduism, the sageVedic scholars, who wrote the Vedas, are the founders of Hinduism.[4] Hinduism encompasses a diverse range of philosophies and practices, such as Shaivism and Vaishnavism, there is no unified Hinduism.[5] One of its main teachings is dharma. The dharma is the duty of each individual to behave morally, according to their understanding of God's will, and to




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Tamil Blu Ray Video Songs 1080p Hd 5.1 [Updated]

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