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Our Team

Guidance, Inspiration & Support


Vicki Fung 

Bread Instructor

Flour, yeast, water, a little salt and a lot of passion make a perfect bread  - Vicki 

  • Graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo - Diplome de Boulangerie  

  • Creator and owner of Baking Table


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Kabi Siu

Bread Instructor

"I am always into healthy eating, I hope to introduce the same idea into bread making."  - Kabi

  • ​Specialize in Japanese Style bread making


Chef H.H.

Western Culinary Instructor

Since joining Knead N' Cook, Chef HH has consistently brought a passion and dedication with them each day. 

"There is more than just food, there is a story behind every dish"  - Chef H.H.

  • Ex-Chef in Vancouver 

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Tammy Pang

Chinese Delicacies Instructor

"Chinese delicacies is one of a kind, there are special techniques and crafting skills in each one. I hope to pass on this culture to the next generations."

  • Over 15 years experience in making Chinese delicacies

  • Qualification in the use of Chinese Herbal for Health and Maintenance

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